Why Yook?

Let me tell you a story...

Our Story

But why smartphones, laptops or electric cars?
Why the surge in aeronautics, astronautics and medicine? Progress on human rights, sustainability and innovative technology? Why should the food industry be left out? Or beverages? We are constantly evolving, and it seems absurd to think that we’ve somehow peaked when it comes to milk. No progress, no ambition. Just turn off the lights and make our way back to the cave. No way.

YOOK is the next step in the evolution of beverages. We crave something new, something more environmentally friendly and with more flavour. Something that uses drastically fewer resources to produce whilst also tasting infinitely better than dairy milk. We want to move forward, to try something new. We want to connect with new favourites and explore interesting alternatives, not hurl stones at mammoths, you know?

YOOK presents a fresh new outlook if you’re looking for great taste and an alternative to traditional milk. Our recipe is as simple as it gets – the best Nordic organic oats combined with modern technology.

So don’t mess with the cows and try the new YOOK! 
It’s simply a hundred times better.


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