100 X Better

Let's YOOK it!

YOOK is 100 X better:

  • 1. oat drinks are plant-based, making it suitable for vegans.
  • 2. it contains fewer calories than cow’s milk.
  • 3. oat drinks contain healthy polyunsaturates.
  • 4. it’s easy to digest and suitable for people with sensitive stomachs.
  • 5. our oat drinks contain only natural sugar from oats, we don’t add white sugar or glucose to our drinks.
  • 6. it contains fibre which is oh so good for our digestive systems.
  • 7. it’s lactose-free, making it suitable for those who are lactose-intolerant.
  • 8. intolerance to oat drinks is very rare.
  • 9. its taste and texture make it ideal for use in coffee.
  • 10. it’s perfect for use in making desserts.
  • 11. it’s perfect on your breakfast cereal.
  • 12. it makes smoothies creamy and delicious.
  • 13. it’s an ideal ingredient in hot chocolate.
  • 14. it makes a perfect addition to protein drinks.
  • 15. it can help alleviate hunger pangs.
  • 16. who’d want to drink anything else?
  • 17. oat drinks became the most popular plant-based drinks in Europe in 2020.
  • 18. it can be used in hair masks and face masks.
  • 19. you can use it in lots of different recipes.
  • 20. it can be used when making porridge.
  • 21. YOOK is better because of its creamy taste.
  • 22. whenever you drink it, everyone else wants a sip.
  • 23. oats aren’t demanding when it comes to soil and make good use of the nutrients in it.
  • 24. if it was a DJ, it would only ever play the latest hits while everyone else played lift music.
  • 25. it can be chilled and enjoyed as a drink in its own right.

26. YOOK is better because YO OK!

  • 27. YOOK is better because it helps keep the body in balance.
  • 28. it makes a great post-workout drink.
  • 29. it’s ideally suited to healthy lifestyles.
  • 30. it’s a choice that helps reduce our environmental footprint.
  • 31. because oat drinks are truly delicious!
  • 32. because while aliens might abduct your cows, they’ll never abduct your YOOK.
  • 33. because if you’ve been butting heads with someone all day, you can console yourself with a YOOK.
  • 34. it makes for an ideal ecological sedative when you’ve just heard about the latest bit of greenwashing.
  • 35. it promotes ecological thinking at other levels as well.
  • 36. if you drink it, you’ll always be able to look a cow in the eye.
  • 37. it has as much respect for the environment as you had for your posters of your favourite band when you were a teenager.
  • 38. if it was a character, it would regularly look inside itself and nurture its emotional health.
  • 39. because our oat fields are covered in snow in winter.
  • 40. in the evolutionary movement of the things we drink it is very much future-facing.
  • 41. some drinks can only make you feel better, but this one can make the whole world a better place!
  • 42. because how could anything that tastes this good possibly be bad?
  • 43 YOOK is better because it just is.
  • 44. because you assumed these 100 reasons were dashed off without any thought, but now you’re amazed to find they’re actually 100% right.
  • 45. even if you only buy it because it’s on special, you’ll be surprised at how good it is.
  • 46. you’ve never liked oats before, but now you do.
  • 47. because the Barista version froths up a treat.
  • 48. because diehards see red whenever oat drinks are mentioned, and YOOK is available in a red carton with added vitamins.
  • 49. it’s made in a place where oats grow best.
  • 50. because if you believe things really can be better, then you don’t need us to show you how.
  • 51. because lots of people around the world are already saying so.
  • 52. you can still enjoy it even if the power goes off.
  • 53. it’s so good you’ll want to tell everyone about it straight away!
  • 54. it’s a source of inspiration that knows no bounds.

55. YOOK is better because you yourself want to be 100 x better!

  • 56. YOOK is better because it’s a morning hug in a mug!
  • 57. because you can always take half a litre with you when you set off on your adventures.
  • 58. YOOK is better because you’re worth it.
  • 59. it might be okay for your pets as well.
  • 60. it’s the stand-up comedian of the drinks world while everyone else is telling dad jokes.
  • 61. because sipping on a coffee with our Barista version in it you’ll never feel overwhelmed by the number of e-mails in your inbox.
  • 62. if it was a magician, it would turn every morning into a magic moment while everyone else was still trying to pull rabbits out of their hats.
  • 63. YOOK is better because cats would buy it.
  • 64. It’s the wake-up you deserve of a morning.
  • 65. because that friend of yours who’s a health fanatic recommends it to you as well.
  • 66. it’s like a fashionista who always dresses to impress while everyone else is still in their PJs.
  • 67. we know that chocolate bar is calling out to you, but our YOOK is calling louder.
  • 68. YOOK is better because who’s still drinking energy drinks?
  • 69. YOOK is better because have you heard the stories our cow has to tell?
  • 70. YOOK is better because rhinos have said even they like it.
  • 71. its ecological footprint is smaller than that of other plant-based drinks.
  • 72. it takes one sixth as much water to make it as almond drinks.
  • 73. making it uses 80% less land than ordinary milk does.
  • 74. we use 60% less energy to make it than goes into making ordinary milk.
  • 75. making it only generates 20% of the greenhouse gases than ordinary milk production does.
  • 76. YOOK is better because who doesn’t want to be progressive?
  • 77. we won’t settle for anything but the best.
  • 78. YOOK is better because it’s a happy person’s drink.
  • 79. because new really is better than old.
  • 80. because if you don’t look after yourself, who else will?
  • 81. because our fans have good taste and know what they’re talking about.
  • 82. YOOK is better because it’s the new black.
  • 83. because everyone has their favourite.

84. YOOK is better because if you´ve read as far as reason no. 84 then you´ve clearly got staying power, which is what YOOK gives you.

  • 85. because it includes an invisible component that keeps the whole world together.
  • 86. because someone had made the decision for you and all that’s left for you to do is enjoy it!
  • 87. because you can drink it, quite literally, to your heart’s content.
  • 88. it will teach you random facts. (Did you know that sea turtles can live to be more than 100?)
  • 89. YOOK is better because it’s always in your thoughts. (You just said ‘YOOK’ to your other half without realising it, didn’t you?)
  • 90. YOOK is better because whenever I forget my password I just enter YOOK123 and voila!
  • 91. YOOK is better because it’s a perfect name for a pet.
  • 92. because it will help broaden your perspective and open up the world to you.
  • 93. because its taste is contagious, like the most beneficent virus the world has ever seen.
  • 94. it rhymes with FORK, which is something you can use to eat lots of delicious things you’ve made using YOOK.
  • 95. because each and every one of these reasons was penned by a different person, which is to say by 100 people in total.
  • 96. because when you switch on your coffee machine that’s what it sounds like it’s saying.
  • 97. because I can now run 100 x faster.
  • 98. because without it my life is just “K.”
  • 99. YOOK is better because every time I go to a café the barista asks, “Do you want YOOK in that?”
  • 100. YOOK is better because a good mood doesn’t come for free.

101. YOOK is better because reading this list, you're itching to add something to it yourself

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